Xbus Open Source platform

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  • Client authentication via TLS certificates
  • Transport layer protected with TLS encryption
  • Confidentiality assured (strict permissions)


  • Guaranteed message delivery
  • Natively asynchronous messaging
  • Data integrity preserved


  • Distributed microservices architecture
  • Stateless application protocol
  • Possibility to use multiple instances

High Performance

  • Increased speed due to parallel tasks
  • Quick reconnection after server failure
  • Streaming used to send big messages


High Compatibility

  • Interconnect on-premises and/or cloud applications
  • Use Xbus with any language and any data format
  • Install on any operating system


  • Source code released under an Open-Source license
  • Developed with standard and open technologies
  • Easy to develop adapted gateways in many languages


  • Connect internal and/or external applications
  • Release APIs publicly or to a limited circle
  • Host, administrate and monitor Xbus yourself or use professional services


  • Consulting

    We can help you define your needs and conceive the architecture needed to urbanize your information system.

  • Implementation

    We can implement the architecture you have chosen : our teams manage your project, develop and configure the middleware as needed.

  • Administration and Monitoring

    We can administrate Xbus remotely and automatically and monitor the data flows sent and received by the applications.

  • Training and Support

    We can train your employees to use Xbus and provide you with support services: perform preventive or corrective maintenance, assist you in using Xbus, develop new features.

  • Hosting

    We can provide you with secure and customized hosting services and manage your live system and go-live processes according to your needs.

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