Source Code

Xbus has been released as Open-Source middleware under the MIT license. Xbus source code is available on CloudCrane’s repository on Bitbucket.

All the features of the middleware are available in the Open Source solution, including the security and message delivery guarantees as well as the capacity to scale out.

Thanks to that openness, the companies using Xbus know how the middleware is made and how it works. Therefore, if they wish, they can train internal development teams to develop new features.


The use of Xbus to convey data is made easier by the use of open standards. Any person with technical skills can deploy Xbus on any server, administrate and monitor it by him or herself. You’ll find the guidelines in Xbus documentation.

In particular, Xbus protocol documentation helps you develop gateways enforcing that protocol in multiple languages. 


To learn more about Xbus technical conception (among other subjects), visit the blog.


You too can help us enrich the core of the middleware by submitting pull requests.

You can also develop new gateways or libraries in different languages that will make it easier to develop those gateways, like the go-xbus library.

We also encourage you to let us know if you see a bug.

Talk with us

Xbus core developers are available to talk with you through the #xbus @freenode IRC channel.